Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Chris Herbert - Leeds Inventors Group 17/10/07

Leeds Inventors Group 17-10-07. Chris Herbert of Medipex – “Innovation in Healthcare”

Medipex was set up in 2002 by six regional health trusts and is a not-for-profit organisation. It is the NHS “hub” for Yorkshire & Humberside. There are nine hubs throughout the UK. Medipex works with both Yorkshire Forward and regional health organisations to try to ensure that the NHS gets the benefit of any innovative ideas which its staff come up with in the course of their work. There have been many examples in the past of ideas for which those who developed them gained little reward – and often ideas have been given away to outside companies. MRI scanners were developed within the NHS but the NHS saw little profit from them.

Medipex licence spin-outs and ensure that non-commercial but valuable ideas are disseminated throughout the NHS. Over the last two years the hubs nationally have set up 54 licence deals and 4 spin-outs and are negotiating a further 80 projects with partners. Other trusts have to pay to use their services but can then leave development work to Medipex.

Chris described some of the products which have been developed through the hubs, from a probe for more accurate detection of cervical cancer, to a calibrating panoramic X-ray machine, to a mechanised drip stand.

An annual innovation competition is now run for NHS staff to recognise the innovative ideas being developed within the NHS. The financial split between NHS and inventor for any ideas which are taken up is often 50-50. Although it is mostly internal ideas that are dealt with, the NHS National Innovation Centre which is linked to the hubs, does deal with outside inventors.

Medipex was named Young Business of the Year in 2007. Further information can be found on the Ennovations website