Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Copyright in Photography - a brief guide to UK copyright in photography

What is copyright?

Copyright is an automatic legal right which protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. This includes among other things, sound recordings, broadcasts, photography, film and computer programs. It does not protect inventions or names you give to your product or service. It also does not protect an idea, but rather the tangible expression of the idea in some physical form - a photograph is one example of that expression in physical form.........................

Also available Copyright in Music.

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Friday, 6 March 2009

New IP Healthcheck Launched

What is it?
The IP Healthcheck online diagnostic tool helps artists, inventors, sole traders and small and medium sized businesses identify, protect and commercially exploit their Intellectual Property (IP). It’s free to use and will help you find out;
• If you have IP to protect;
• Whether you own it and, if you don’t, who does;
• How to protect it, and whether you should;
• How you can exploit it commercially.
What you get
Just answer a series of simple questions on the IP topic of your choice and we will create a tailored confidential report for you, based on what you have told us. The report will include;
• A list of recommended action points, to help you protect and exploit your IP rights;
• An explanation of why we have made each recommendation;
• Guidance on how to put each recommendation into practice;
• Links to useful information, websites and other resources.
When and where will it be available?
The tool is on the website at

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Enterprise shows

Business & Patents Information Services wil be attending the enterprise shows:

The Enterprise Show is your chance to get professional advice on both starting and developing your own business - all under ONE roof and in ONE day! It's FREE to get in, and is the ideal place to make contacts, acquire new knowledge and gain the confidence and abilities that will help you to succeed.

YORK SHOW Venue: Racecourse, York Dates: Saturday 14th March - Sunday 15th March 2009 Time: Sat: 10am-5pm / Sun: 10am-4pm
LEEDS SHOW Venue: Millennium Square - Leeds Dates: Saturday 28th March - Sunday 29th March 2009 Time: Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 10am-4pm
HULL SHOW Venue: City Hall - Hull Dates: Saturday 18th April - Sunday 19th April 2009 Time: Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 10am-4pm
SHEFFIELD SHOW Venue: Meadowhall Shopping Centre - Sheffield Dates: Saturday 2nd May - Sunday 3rd May 2009 Time: Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 10am-4pm Tel: 0800 0322626