Thursday, 16 April 2009

Leeds Inventors Group - Peter Draggett - 14/4/09

"Funding, exploiting and protecting your idea" - Peter Draggett, Dragon IP Strategics Ltd, 14th April 2009

Over 30 years in the IP profession, and 25 years as an in-house intellectual property attorney (EPA, CPA) in a wide range of industry sectors in ICI and Smith & Nephew in in-house commercial teams, providing and implementing commercial IP strategy at all levels up to CEO in line with corporate business strategy.
This included product/business development and launch, research collaborations, in- and out- licensing, subcontracting, partnering, etc.
In the last 3 years he has become a gamekeeper turned poacher, providing the same commercial services to spin-outs, start-ups, SME’s and investors, working as an integral part of the client’s business team.
He set up on his own in 2008 to provide the same ‘business development IP’ consultancy services through Dragon IP Strategics Ltd consultancy.

We help people fund, exploit and protect their ideas (IP)
And help to maximise the commercial return on our client’s IP

Case Study:
-Motorcycle Helmets
-Good for direct impacts
-Poor for glancing impacts

The Invention
Film of lubricant under sheet of rubber-like (‘elastomeric’) plastic over the helmet attached around the edges
On glancing impact, road pushes sheet to slide over the helmet – by up to 90o
Force of impact absorbed, spinning slowed/ minimised – 40% increase in safety

Client had developed the invention himself for 10 years, raised equity funding for commercial exploitation ,two families of solid patents/applications in major global markets – Europe, Japan and US but only 10 years life left, a raft of engineering drawings and development know-how
no trade marks.

The idea (IP) may be a person or company’s biggest asset, so
When Dragon talks about IP and Legal, it really means Business