Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Inventique - latest issue

June 2009 issue - Contents

Lead story: Successful inventor Joe Silver has added to his company's range of LifeLock personal security products.
The Association of Women with New Products and Inventions is launched at the British Library Business & IP Centre this month.
Guest columnist Matthew Simmons concludes his 'Ten steps to success in new ventures' series by leaving the best 'til last.
Female engineers at Ohio State University have designed flight control software for NASA's Scramjets.
Portsmouth University has devised an Artificial Intelligence programme that analyses whether aircraft are safe to fly (and also reduces fuel consumption).
A new type of air-fuelled battery, the STAIR cell, could give up to ten times the energy storage of lithium batteries.
Kingston University has entered its 102mph electric motorbike for the all-electric Isle of Man TTXGP race - the world's first zero-carbon, clean-emission Grand Prix.
In Design from Nature, Ithaca College research could lead to surgical adhesives developed from slugs.
In Your Shout, George Monbiot argues that a new Research Council requirement of those seeking academic research funding is fatally flawed.
The Seawork Innovation Awards will be presented this month.
This month's Centre of Excellence is WES (Women's Engineering Society).
Book of the Month is Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.
Website of the Month is FedBizOpps.gov, the US Government's one-stop virtual marketplace (which requires no login).

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