Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Inventique Seeks New Partners

As a regular reader of Inventique, the free monthly innovation magazine, I am seeking your ideas and advice as to possible ways forward for the publication.

From its beginnings in May 2003 as a club newsletter for inventors, editor Frank Landamore has built Inventique into a nationally-recognised and internationally-read magazine covering every aspect of innovation, entrepreneurship and related investment. However, its increasing success and enlarged editorial coverage brought with it ever-increasing demands on his time (as you may have read in issue 100).

Advertising and sponsorship are in short supply in these difficult economic times, and attempts to take the magazine forward from a philanthropic venture to a self-sustaining publication have not yet proved viable. However, never has there been a more important time to share best experience and help bring the best of innovation to market - indeed, never a greater need for Inventique.

I am therefore soliciting suggestions on the way forward from you. I would welcome realistic suggestions from Inventique's loyal readers on how to progress the magazine with sponsorship offers to provide the editor with a reasonable return on his time. Only the prospect of a secure financial future for Inventique (as either a stand-alone publication or in partnership with a compatible venture) will suffice to stop the closure of this crucial innovation news publication.

If you can see an opportunity to take the magazine or its content forward and maintain the current editor's involvement - so essential to its future success - please contact me as soon as possible.

Peter Hebard
Director, Inventique Limited
Email:, Tel: 01590 622 517, Mob: 07764 170 439

Inventique Limited Registered address: 42 South Way, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1LY. Registered in England & Wales Registered number: 6791057

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