Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Andy Taylor, Enterprise Europe Yorkshire. Leeds Inventors Group 20th Jan 2010

“Finding opportunities for novel technology & inventions” Andy Taylor, Enterprise Europe Yorkshire. Leeds Inventors Group 20th Jan 2010

Andy began by explaining his own background as a scientist involved in materials science and engineering, silicon processing, nanotechnology and analytical chemistry. He has been an inventor himself and also involved in an anti-counterfeiting company.
He then went on to explain the structure of the Enterprise Europe network, a support network covering 40 European countries and 600 organisations. Enterprise Europe Yorkshire offers business advice – particularly in relation to Europe - a technology transfer service and a partnership programme. They can match up people looking for particular technologies and people looking to have theirs exploited by working with them to build up a profile of what they have to offer and what they are looking for.

It is important for anyone looking to use the services of Enterprise Europe Yorkshire to be clear about what they have to offer and why it is novel. They also need to be equally clear about what they would want from a partner such as what type of technology is required and what kind of collaboration it would be.
Andy briefly went into European Framework Programme 7 under which they currently operate. This is the EC mechanism for funding collaborative research and technological development with a fund of 50 billion Euros over 7 years. As he said, involvement with the programme involves a lot of commitment and is not a short-term fix or a way to make a profit.

Enterprise Europe Yorkshire: www.ee-yorkshire.com
Enquiries contact 0800 0528156